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Kenya: Real Estate Market

posted by on: 01/05/2016 in Latest

Office Market

Office construction activity in Nairobi has been boosted by Kenya’s relative political stability and strong economic growth resulting from the expansion of local and multinational companies. However, during 2014 the market moved from a position of stability to having an oversupply of Grade B office space. There is a relative shortage of Grade A developments and, even though office take-up rates in 2014 were around 20% down on the previous year, prime rental levels increased by 5-10%. Retail Market.

How to Make Money

posted by on: 01/05/2016 in Latest

How to Make Money

So how do you? How do you make money? Well is surprisingly simple. And I’m going to tell you exactly how, right now. First off, you make money by performing a service for someone or selling someone a product that you own. In other words this is called having a job. That is the number one easiest way to make money.


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